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Fuels are susceptible to natural deterioration, oxidation, tank contamination, water and microbes contributing to reduced quality and the formation of sludge leading to poor pump performance, blocked filters and unnecessary unbudgeted costs.


Bio Bug Buster an industry leading mobile service programme developed by JSM Developments Ltd specifically designed to coupe with today’s problems associated with fuel storage and delivery.

Remaining fully operational whilst servicing, Bio Bug Buster guarantees and certifies the integrity of your storage tanks and stored fuel.

  • Tank preparation for E5 and B5 bio-storage
  • Tank clean, de-water and sludge removal in tank and pipe work
  • Fuel polishing to a new industry level of 4 microns absolute
  • Suitable for diesel and sprit tanks
  • Restores integrity to contaminated fuel stores
  • E5 recovery after water contamination
  • On-site tank and pipe analysis using CCTV
  • Multi-point on-site fuel sampling and analysis pre and post service
  • Cost effective tailored maintenance programmes
  • Please see the following documents on Bio Fuel Storage for more information

* Only valid on diesel fuel tank cleans


  • Operational through-out servicing
  • No loss in forecourt revenue
  • Removes the need to de-gas and expensive tank entry
  • Improves operational efficiency and reduces infrastructure costs
  • Extends life of stored fuel
  • Eliminates the need for expensive biocides treatment
  • No costly disposal of contaminated fuel
  • Certificate of work

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