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Welcome to JSM developments Ltd

JSM Developments Ltd are specialist forecourt engineers with over 25 years experience in the industry providing professional and bespoke services to the petroleum retail and commercial sectors.

Our combinations of expertise, reliability, experience, flexibility and unique services have seen us win numerous projects and contracts on recommendation and value.

The only UK organisation providing a one-stop shop for your requirements. Services are available across the UK from the supply installation and maintenance of tanks, pumps and infrastructure through to decommissioning.

Our industry leading Bio Bug Buster service provides a viable and economical solution that guarantees your stored fuels integrity against bio and water contamination significantly reducing infrastructure failures and expensive repair bills.

We are members of A.P.E.A. (the Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration) .


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03/2011 - BIO BUG BUSTER Reaches new milestone

JSM Developments Ltd Bio Bug Buster services have now completed over 200 tank cleans right across the UK including the Scottish Islands.
Services have included E5/B5 preparation, removal of free standing and suspended water, sludge removal, reinstatement of contaminated fuel stocks, fuel polish as well as suction pipe and pump filter cleans.

03/2010 - BIO BUG BUSTER Services first Gas Oil Tank

JSM Developments Ltd called to prepare first gas oil tank in preparation for new Ethanol based delivery.

02/2011 - Bio Bug Buster and E5/B5 fuels

JSM Developments extents their Bio Bug Buster services into the the Scottish Islands to support the save storage of E5/B5 fuels

02/2011 - Bio Bug Buster Fuel Storage Information

Please see the Bio Bug Buster Page for new documents on Bio Fuel Storage.

11/2010 - Bio Bug Buster 100% Success Rate!

We have now completed 164 Bio Bug Buster tank service cleans. 100% success rate maintained.

10/2010 - New Contract.

JSM Developments Ltd have just agreed a contract with Murco to provide Bio Bug Buster Services across their service.

09/2010 - JSM are in The North.

Scotland's forward thinking Gleaner Oils Ltd contract the services of Bio Bug Buster to prepare service stations for B5 and E5 delivers.

08/2010 - A better Guarantee!

We have now introduced our tank vent moisture trap and increase our service guarantee to 12 months if installed.

07/2010 - Industry First!

We have just introduce 6 month guarantee on Bio Bug Buster tank cleans with full fuel polish!